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Texas Tea House Etc.
Richard Nelson


Richard's Texas Tea House

Our Story

After being in business for 30 years, I began to look for a "Fun, People Oriented Ministry" retirement, part-time job. My search led me to the National Gourmet show in Dallas, TX. I looked and sampled a variety of products, but was mostly intrigued by the teas. I found teas to be soothing and highly beneficial to the body. Hence, Richard's Texas tea House was born and it has turned into a new career.

Due to the influence of a friend and retired chef from the Four Seasons Restaurant in Las Colinas, TX, I began to experiment with different teas and blends. Also at that time my wife was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors encouraged her to drink large amounts of green tea. She was not very happy with the taste of the over-the-counter teas that were offered on the market. In an effort to help her, I added other flavors to enhance the flavors of my teas for her. They were an instant success to her taste buds. I am happy to announce through many prayers and treatment my wife remains cancer free.

After completing successful research and experiments with the teas, I presented Texas with Richard's Texas Tea House at Canton, TX Trade Days and the rest is history.

Our goal is to aid consumers in their endeavor to increase their health by substituting healthy, soothing, great tasting teas for beverages that are damaging to their health.